Volunteer Privacy Notice

DASH takes its responsibility to protecting data seriously. In line with the most recent data protection guidelines – GDPR 25th May 2018 – we are committed to handling personal data in compliance with our legal and ethical obligations.

  • If you do not wish to provide the data that we request:

There is no statutory or contractual obligation to provide us with the data we request. However, if you do not provide the information we deem necessary for your appointment as a volunteer with DASH, we may not be able to process your application or offer you a volunteer position.

  • Data we collect:

DASH will collect some personal information such as your contact details, past experience, character references (we only check references when proceeding with your application) and information relating to your activity at DASH.

  • How we use your data:

We use your data to assess your suitability to volunteer with DASH, to match you to roles within the organisation, to contact you about DASH activity, to monitor volunteer activity, to respond to reference requests and to meet our legal obligations (e.g. health and safety or reasonable adjustments).

  • How we store your data:

Your data will always be stored in secure locations, where access is restricted to those who have a legitimate need to view it. We may share it with those involved in recruiting or supporting volunteers, when necessary. We will not share your data with third parties. The only exception to this is the third party that provides our online database. When sharing data with a third party, we make sure they understand their GDPR obligation to hold your data securely.

  • How long we keep your data:

If your application is unsuccessful or withdrawn, your data will be destroyed 6 months after that decision. If you are a DASH volunteer, your data will be held on our database for the duration of your time as an active volunteer, and for six years afterwards. This is in case you ask for a reference or want to re-activate your volunteer role.

  • Your rights over your data:

You have the right to access your data, have errors rectified or have your data deleted. For more information, contact the DASH Manager. 

If you believe that we have not complied with your data protection rights, you can complain to the Information Commissioner https://ico.org.uk/


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