Asylum Guides

What is an Asylum Guide?

Asylum Guides are trained volunteers who are matched with DASH clients to provide information about the asylum system, helping clients to better navigate the legal process and understand their rights within it. 

How does it work?

Asylum Guides will meet with their Client at key stages of the legal process. Interpreters are available. Both Guide and Client are offered continued support from the Asylum Guides Coordinator throughout.

"With the information I was given by my Asylum Guide, it also gave me some reassurance. Before that, I had no idea what the Home Office interview would be like. The information took away the stress."

"Today, I have a new life and I am safe and sound. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to live again."

If you would like to be an Asylum Guide, email or call 07742 282676

DBS and character references required.

The Asylum Guides project is a partnership with Refugee Action and is funded by Comic Relief.


About us

We are OISC accredited to offer Asylum and Protection Advice to Level 2.